A Different Kind Of Farm Gate Hinge

Looking for an EZ way to hang your farm gates?
No drilling ● No Welding ● Fully Adjustable.

We are the manufacture of a patent-pending No Drill / No weld adjustable heavy duty fence gate hinges. Quickly install a gate in about 10 minutes. Tools needed 9/16″  wrench or socket and crescent to install hinges. These gate brackets are made of heavy thick plate and sch. 40 steel pipe they will not slip or twist on the post. 16′ gate installation no problem.   

Work Smarter, not harder.

Great for Burn ban Areas!


1.  Fast E-Z and fully adjustable

2. One person installation in 10 mins or less

3. Easily hang a 16′ gate with no slipping or twisting of brackets on post

4. No longer is it necessary to haul a welder or generator to a field location

5. No strenuous drilling with t- handle drill motor and 3/4″ high dollar bit

6.  Tools Needed  –  a tap measure  9/16″ wrench or socket 10″ or 12″ crescent adjustable wrench and a marker for hinge locations.

7.  Sizes – EZ Hinge Farm Gate Brackets are currently available in 6 different post sizes  2″ 2 1/2″  O.D 3″ O.D 3 1/2″ O.D 4″ O.D AND 4 1/2″ O.D. 

8. Reusable-  If your fencing needs to be changed, remove the EZ Hinge Farm Gate Hinge and reuse them at a new location.

9. If you have a burn ban in your state or your area- There will be no waiting in hanging your farm gates with EZ Hinge. 

Prices subject to change without notice 
Made by a farmer for a farmer.
Made in the USA.