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Farm gates are both popular and often essential in the countryside. If you own a ranch, or if you grew up on a farm, you are probably familiar with these types of gates. 


Ranch and farm owners have several reasons why they install farm gates. One of the most common reasons is to keep livestock off or on the premises. This prevents one ranch owner from accusing his neighbor of stealing his cattle, etc.  Another reason is to set a clear boundary between two neighboring properties.


Farm gates do not cost a fortune, and if you are a wise buyer you save on the materials as well. When choosing a farm gate, today there are numerous types of gates to choose from.  To help you with your farm gate essential decision here are some farm gate examples.



First, the ‘Five Bar Field Farm Gate’.  This is a more traditional farm gate style which has been around for years. In fact, most farms in the countryside use this type. The five bar field gate is made from tanalised timber because this is more durable and lasts longer than regular timber. This gate has five horizontal planks of wood. Moreover, the five bar field gate is available in various sizes from approximately 3 feet up to 12 feet, thus allowing the owner to choose the gate size that best fits your needs.


Second, ‘Decorative Timber Field Gate’.  This type of gate is also known as decorative estate gates. The difference lies on how the gate frame is constructed. If you look closely in the decorative timber field gate you will notice that there is a much greater degree of flourish and intricacy in the construction, along with several bracings to maintain stability. In the construction of theses gates your choices include both hardwood or softwood construction materials.  Remember, while hardwood is much more durable, hardwood does not come cheap and is much more costly than softwood.


Third, ‘Galvanized Metal Gates’. This type of gate does not use timber, but instead uses tubular steel. To construct such a gate, seven tubular bars are used. However, despite the use of steel for the construction of this gate, it is light and durable due to a zinc coating.  Galvanized metal gates are also available in different sizes, from approximately 4 feet to 12 feet.


Those are the farm gate types.  For all those looking for an easy way to hang your farm gates check out the farm gate hinges sold by EZ Hinge Farm Gate Hardware at or call 417-599-9985.  

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